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One of the most difficult yet gratifying projects I have the opportunity to work on are in branding and identity design. It often takes a lot of time and research to learn the personality of a brand and consolidate that info into a clean logo or style. In a world were visuals are key, it can make or break a brand. I am happy to share some of the companies below that allowed me to be apart of this process.

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Savile Row is a classical, tailored suiting brand that recently ventured into licensing there name for a women's dress line. I had the unique opportunity to create an identity for this new concept. Not only was this an exercising in branding but an entire creation of a brand. From silhouettes to prints, muse to marketing, this become a very in depth project that continues to grow today. Our quirky and interactive marketing boxes landed us several major accounts even before prototypes were ready. It was very meaningful to see the impact of presented a clear vision for a fashion brand. 


Paperwhite is an older brand that was once well known and needed a modern new look and approach in order to be relevant with a new generation. The goal here was to create both a sleek, clean new look but also a social media element that will engage new customers and allow them to share there finds. Paperwhite offers polished, luxury essentials that can be styled a number of ways and convert from day to night. The site will also offer styling advice as well as charity contribution promotions and partnerships. 

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Duck Tape has been a household name for many decades. However, once the brand began to shift gears from a hardware only approach to also a craft brand, they needed a look to showcase this. Duck Tape prints have become collectable, tradable commodities in the creative world. This new packaging shows off the print inside with a more playful aesthetic. This project was not just a rebranding of the packaging but also of the marketing and display pieces. There now needed to be craft ideas and colorful, interactive components that could compete with nearby products in the new retail space including toys and craft supplies. 


Collar Cold Brew is a startup brand offering iced coffee that brews its self over night. The name is inspired by other coffee brewing systems that are often used. We used this thread to include haberdashery elements in the logo and marketing. The four dots within the coffee drip represent a button on a colors. This minimal and quiet style really worked with the customer profile. This brand appeals to a young, low maintenance crowd, with an affinity for a classic coffee taste in a new brewing technique.  

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Eschweiler and Potashnik, LLC is an intellectual-property law firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. After a new partner joined and was made a part of the company name, a new logo was needed. Since 2001, Eschweiler and Potashnik, LLC has provided legal counsel on intellectual property matters to leading companies located in countries around the world in fields such as mobile communications, semiconductor processing, medical imaging, automotive technology, computer software, and a variety of other fields. This classic style is very representative of the personality of the firm.